Fulcher’s fun in the scrap-metal dump


1963. We caught a train the long way round from Twickenham via Kingston to Waterloo, to pass new Malden station and Flcher’s favorite scrap-metal dump, on the way to Kingly Street in Soho, up a creaky flight with sagging risers to buy artists’ materials, including Pelican, or Winsor and Newton gouache, and a nifty bamboo pencil holder. The Pelican agent there was a nice old German, a friend of Mr. Wentworth-Shields, whom he thought of as wonderfully erudite, so we got a good discount. One time I bought the very desirable color, and a favorite of Fulcher, rose malmasion, as a present for Lorry’s birthday. Colin shocked my still uptight Teddington propriety when he said, in ersatz tough guy talk, on the train coming into New Malden station on the way back, “I’ve always wanted to do it in a scrap yard. Primal. Y’ know what I’m talkin’ ’bout?”.

RebandMike asked “and your reply was…….????? LOL!!!!!I”

I went red and looked out the window.

To which RebandMike added, “oh, you didn’t take him up on his offer then!”