The Moon in Whitton

Kathy Moon: Barney was always always always late. It was quite precise, actually. 45 minutes give or take a few-hundred seconds. so predictable that I could actually arrive 40 minutes late on purpose and never miss him. I don’t recall ever being aggravated about it. it was just easy to adapt to. There would always be a story.

I remember great evenings visiting friends who lived miles away on the other side of London. None of us had cars, so we would have the fabulous walks talking laughing through the deserted streets, back to Notting Hill.

and the yellow cardigan. Almost always worn with the bib overalls. The uniform of art. It was a great color yellow and never had paint or anything on it. Always looked pretty pristine, I recall.

One trip to Twickenham. Staying with Barney’s parents. I think we had to sleep separately. I’m hoping that I have some writing about it in my journals because I know he gave a great description of what i was to expect when we arrived. His parents were england. Somewhere though, under the propriety, was the stuff that made Barney. During our stay, there were only teensy glimpses of that stuff.