Using our minds to create miracles

I’m not quite sure why (well I am, its hilarious) but I’d like to include this as an off center description of the power and glory of Barney Bubbles art. It’s about that other Barney (the purple one) but I feel it says truths about our lad that I wouldn’t have thought of without the good Dr. Chambers of North Carolina.

Using our minds to create miracles

“Barney is much more than just a fun creature of kids’ imaginations. He is a politically correct teacher of everything on the liberal left’s agenda, from New Age evolution to radical ecology. To many children, Barney has become a guru of sorts. He constantly teaches transcendental thought and mystical ideas. Nothing comes through Barney’s teachings more clearly than the New Age idea of using our minds to create miracles. No one should deny that positive or negative thinking can tremendously affect our lives. But such powers are clearly physical and end with the normal experiences we enjoy. God alone is supernatural.”

    From: “Barney, `The Purple Messiah,'” by Dr. Joseph R. Chambers, a “sermon booklet” published by Paw Creek Ministries, in Charlotte, North Carolina. This excerpt was printed in the March 1994 issue of Harper’s.