In which Barney and Wills paint the witch Nikki, photographed by Phil Franks – and it’s his copyright, goddam it!

Copyright © Phil Franks 2008. All Rights Reserved.

1970, The photograph on the right is by  the esteemed photographer of well lit curves, Phil Franks, and is shewn here as reproduced, reversed left to right, in the magazine Curious. Barney and I (David Wills) are painting Nikki, with Barney on the left of the witch. We are both right handed. The picture has been reversed it left to right. (Probably because I took it out the holder and returned it wrong like.) The lady swallowing fire is included here for your delight.  Art on Nikki was designed by Barney, I was designer and art editor of the magazine wwhich gave work to many hard working illustrators. Reproduced courtesy of Rebecca and Mike’s BB Collection.