Fulcher(e) the Bowman

In rummaging about for Fulcher family history I came accross a reference to ‘Fulchere the Bowman’ in the Doomsday Book, which is amusing because Barney (born a Fulcher) designed the Bowman cider label.

Because of that reference I’m also unsure that ‘Fulchere’, as I described earlier, is a particularly French Jewish name (although Barney was a semite) I would guess it had to be Norman French. Any name mavens out there?

Names, they can easily reveal a history, my own name of Wills was chosen by my  paternal grandmother, Miss Getrude Wood, a single-mother who changed her name to Mrs. Wills, in 1905. My dad’s dad was Emil Simon a jew from Lyon who caught a train to Auschwitz.