Fulcher fills his quiver

TV Stories… Dr.Who?

Mr Mortimer was a new, handsome young photographer, was the best of teachers, often helping the vivacious June Woodhams hands-on in the darkroom. He had style and panache, not least of which was because he was working at the BBC. After I left in 61, he designed the credits for Dr Who, which premiered in 1963. Fulcher in his last year called to say, “You should see this.” So that’s how I came to see the original paper cut out story-board, which blew us away with its sharp simplicity of scissor-cut grey and black rectangles on white, or white on black. When seen in motion on the screen it jokingly moves with astonishingly sly, grim humor for an abstract rectangle.

We studied TV storyboards and dark room technique with him. He was way cool, practical and had definite buzz, more direct than the introverted musings of Kirby and Shields, but without the depth of perception that those two old buzzards inspired.