Barney’s brain palette

John Coulthard at his magnificent Barney sight asked me about BB’s techniques:

“I’m always interested in knowing about someone’s working methods. What materials did he prefer, how did he use them, how was stuff prepared for print, etc. Until Malcolm Garrett made that comment about BB knowing that album sleeves were printed on a sheet of card with a lot of excess beyond the bleed area–and decided to make use of that in his designs–it wouldn’t have occurred to me that knowledge of the production process probably helped with some of his creations in that way. It looks to me like he used to paint with gouache a lot; is that the case? Or was he using acrylics?”

Wills: Yes and yes, but I don’t know much that anybody else wouldn’t. (But I do remember that the expensive paper he used with the cool Glastonbury watermark was a lot left over from an overorder on someone else’s job.) I don’t know much apart from the obvious, but as the Artgang Randm insightfully said, “his biggest technique was the use of his mind; everything else pales into insignificance”

Which I think is true and very relevant.
I’m going to take some time-out to re-post some dicky visuals in early posts. See you all later.