radar records images

That indefatigable pair of scamps, Reb’n’mike strike yet again with this awesome letterhead from their extensive cache, the mother-lode of Barney lore. The images look like stolen Leni R, aryan propaganda repurposed to some better use. Barney and I exchanged work at intervals and he sent me a parcel of items sometime between 1978 and 1982 (?) and this was included.

In addition, amongst the enclosures, there was the Devo 12 inch album, ‘Q. Are we not men’ with a completely different graphic than the golf ball cover, it had repetitive images in a grid on it. More than that I’m loth to try a recall, kinda A. Warhol, and I rather think it may have been a Barney design, I doubt if he would have sent it otherwise. Anybody know what I’m talking about?

What follows is confused because it is, so bear with me, you’ll get the idea anyway. It was a grid of vertical, posterized rectangles, 5 portraits, one each of the band repeated in different color combos. Each rectangular portait 1 inch wide, so there’d be twelve across, and 2 ins deep, so six rows deep, butted up together, solid colors, little or no white. Each row diff, with one portrait in each row standing out in another color scheme. But then I want to say it was in browns and orange with a different color for just the one rectangle in lower right that stood out, which was in maroon? Black and white? No, each picture was different to the one next to it. I’m pretty sure I saw this cover in London too, probably in bB’s portfolio in ’83, and asked him if the one guy who was in a different colour was the lead singer. “Yes.” We had a conversation about it. Matt finish, not glossy, on slightly textured stock. I remember the girl I gave it too said “Are you sure? This is rare.” I thought I could easy get another…

The girl at 1216 Page I gave the album to could have been the mother who was inseminated by turkey-baster, using the product of five gay men and whose story was published in Co Evolution around 1981, or a friend of hers.

Randm say that I gave away, as I did to the visitor, the only copy of the Stiff Devo album cover prototype.