Rebecca and Mike’s Visual Surprise

Artgang, Rebecca and Mike, the well regarded Barney Historians, forward, for our viewing pleasure, this stiff visual from their extensive hoard, which is but a prelude to their forthcoming publication – an inside look that promises to blow the lid of the lid off.

I think that is Tony, the Vagabond Poet, on the swing (I’m told it’s not, sure looks like him though, so you could pretend it is, see comments), his lumbering walk with caftan and stick was an irregular visitor to San Francisco. Tony told me he knew Barney, then died last year, never having told me more. On a damp, foggy San Francisco night, his presence is often sensed on the corner of Haight and Ashbury still.

That’s Lorry Sartorio Xed out in the T-shirt, in what may be an actual photograph taken by Colin Fulcher himself in 1964  (thanks for the date Randm), the pix was never used ‘cos the Muleskinners disbanded. (Odd coincidence, what with Barney and Gina Skinner’s son being Aten Skinner… and the Muleskinners.)

My brother Peter recently told me he last saw Lorry in London in about 1990, she looked a bit thin.

I’ve been thinking that if the Lorry photograph was taken in the same shoot as the others (Art CSI: wrinkled sheet detail the same!), as RandM tell me so, then credit could well be by me. I know I shot some of that shoot. I recall B mentioned it favorably once. When he won the award did it credit the photographer? Barney was certainly the art-director. Lorry obviously didn’t want her face used and Barney accommodated her wishes.