Four quid for Faire fare is fair


Rebecca and Mike say that this ad design is by Barney, I’m sure it is designed by him. The order form is amusing (to me) for the way the form is spelt out as “My name is… and I live at” a style that B got off me, as opposed to the usual, inconsistent usage of ‘Your name…send me’ used in most forms of the time, he used it elsewhere too. We were both into making order forms work well from our days back in the order form biz.

But the drawing is not all his. It looks to me as though there are different hands at work here. I’m having a memory moment here and I can hear his voice, “His girl-friend did what she thought was a better drawing and we used that next. You’d like it.” The Heath Robinson inspired dottiness with birds on the left could be Barney, but I find the shadows and highlights on the nubile lady to be a bit cheap for his skills. One guess is that one of the band fancied hisself as an artist (it does happen) and Barney incorporated the art as a favour. But that thought is probably a wrongo too, as the drawing is based on obviously related (and secret) art sent by Reb n Mike. Those mushrooms could certainly be Barney’s though, we both shared a liking for the nipple-headed ‘shrooms often found growing plentifully on suburban lawns, they have a pink spore print, but don’t take my word for it, the wrong ones can be a problem.

Where is Barney when we need him to define his work? He should have stayed with ‘schrooms and acid, that wine’s a killer, boy.