Kate Moon writes:

found another letter from barney.

the words are:  HULLO SWEET MISSY MOONSHINE. Just saw the new Alan Aldridge book and hated it! You’re very right about it. Anyway, I don’t have anything to say to you except kisses and hugs and hope you like this cheer up picture for you. Quality and not quantity this time. Love to the other folks in your home and have a quick shavasana on me.

(heart) & peace Barney B. ps: dad has got foto stuff for you. I’ll phone during the week and see ya weekend. Love.

Kate is this 1977?

Kate says 1971

No. Kate didn’t say that, my mistake, Kate said 1973, which ties in nicely with Reb ‘n Mike’s observation about the type on  “Marjory Razorblade.”

The Aldridge book of 1973 was his ‘The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper Feast’  book.