Roadhawks promo sticker

Mark Manning wrote: I just found your older reply to me back on gate keeper John’s blog –  I was MR D Rider then (old Hawklords never sleep) and was sussing the Paolozzi influence and you confirmed with some good stories –  did you ever meet EP (Paolozzi)?

DW: Not me.

MM: – did BB meet him?

DW: Yes, probably, as I mention elsewhere, when I visited Barney in May 1983 he proudly shewed me a folder of Paolozzi’s work someone had lent him. Although, as he said after his awful experience with meeting the sometimes anonymous collage movie maker Connor in San Francisco, “Don’t get too close to your heroes.”

MM: I was in an excited state at your great site – and quite emotional after seeing that BBs son found your site – fantastic well done – what a great thing to happen for you – dad – and son – fantastic – the stuff of life magic and all that.

… do you recognise this design attached from circa 74-  Roadhawks promo sticker ? Looks like the toothbrush came out for this stencil. Pretty sure it’s by BB but it may be by the chap who did the ‘other’ version ..dunno ?


DW: Sure, I’d say it could easily be a Barney B. It was probably printed litho, using artwork from a print, probably sprayed with a can of Japlac judging by the way the spray hits the bald spot in the middle. Too difficult to use a toothbrush on all that detail ! He’d have cut a stencil from his favored thin Bristol card, with the counters for the wing detail and clever face with the implied eye, lightly glued in position. Although I suppose it could have been an original stencil print, but not if they printed a lot, what with those face and wing counters having to be positioned. Life was different before ‘puter art…

Reminds me of the rubber stamp that the Moody Blues used when they first hit the scene, stamped ’em as graffiti all over West London. Barney liked that, was disappointed when he found out they weren’t a Blues band.

I probably saw this art, since I used the same typeface, effed-up Braggadocio, when I cut the card stencils for the Street Lightnin’ Gang World Teleport, free world travel option.