Vroooom! Motor Racing with Graham Hill


These drawings are credited Colin Fulcher, but who by then was regularly called Barney.

David Lowbridge writes:

An uncited quote on Wikipedia has Graham Hill saying: “I’m an artist, the track is my canvas, and the car is my brush.”

Thought you might like to see some spreads from an issue of Motor Racing that you and Barney did. I reckon (though I’m no expert) that this was the second issue that the two of you did — I know for sure that this isn’t the relaunch issue of the new design, that must’ve been May ’68.
The letters section (entitled “Write off”) is hilarious, both from the readers comments and the editors responses, and there’s much praise for the new look, here’s my favourite comment:
“My oh my, MOTOR RACING how you have changed ! You are now a witty, lively, swinging, sizzling, fascinating prototype beauty. And boy, thanks for the fastgirl pull-out.”
( – I wrote that – DW)
Design credits read thus —
Art editor: Michael Rogers
Design consultants: David Wills, Colin Fulcher (who was busy changing his name to Barny B. – DW)
Hope these brings pics bring you some joy, use whatever you see fit, or not at all as the case may be.
Over and out, David.