Clover cover: mechanical drawing of a leaf


Reb and Mike: If you were to un-explode and un-cutaway the object depicted, you would end up with a four-leaf clover. (And the toothbrush clearly got put to work on this artwork too!)

Nazar: Barney was full of ideas. I think he was interested in the indeterminacy of matter and in the role of the observer in the perception of an object. He once grabbed a book called “Anatomy of the Motor Car” off his shelf and showed me a drawing of a V12 engine. “Look at this, Naz, it could be a city!” Soon after he died, I found a second hand copy of the same book and still keep it on my bookshelf

Here’s a scan of the engine drawing that Barney showed me. It’s a 3-litre Matra V12 engine.


While this is a technical illustration, the drawing does have a West Coast vibe to it! However, in the ongoing “Barney – West Coast or Not” debate, I would put myself on the “Not” side. 

DW: Explain.

Nazar: “West Coast” is usually mentioned by the ex-Hawkwind crowd when there’s an early seventies revivalist project in the offing and they need artwork (not Nik Turner, I hasten to add). I can think of, maybe, two pieces by Barney for HW that might have some West Coast styling, but otherwise remain unconvinced…

DW: Barney woulda’ disliked being tabbed as anything as limiting as ‘West Coast.’ West End maybe, I would think you could call him very cockney hip. School of Dan Leno.

New Anatomy

Nazar: As promised, here are some pictures of the New Anatomy artwork, which was done by me but carries the echo of Barney.


The images are of the front and back of the album sleeve, a detail from the front, and the t-shirt (which was actually designed first).

The front cover has the phrase “Concrete Hides” layered over the artwork. The rear cover says “Seek” at the centre and has a face collaged into the molecule.

Thanks for your interest. As mentioned, I would be happy to contribute more to your site and will gather my thoughts. My own site, currently being overhauled, lives over here –

By the way, I saw the Snow White painting over at Barney’s place in St Pauls’s Road.

Cheers, Nazar