Bob Wagner: He has pictures!

bob wagner Says: 

looking through your site …..
I was at Twickenham at the same time (in the same year as Lorry)
some things strike me ….
the other person in the picture with Lorry and Barney is Jim Martin. he is also in the OZ cover pic …. also in that picture bottom right is Stephen Goy (same year Twickenham)..oz12-1
Also I am still very good friends with Roy Burge (an original A1 good guy!)
I think that I also have colour pics of the van and a scooter painted by the boys …. contact me if you want to know more …..

Wills: Wow, the Mickey Mouse scooter! anybody got a copy of any of Fulcher/Barney’s movies including the school Cowboy flick? Any contacts with others of the Twickenham diaspora?