Brian Griffin’s photographs for Copyright 1978



unknown-44unknown-52Brian Griffin Copyright 1978
unknown-103Brian Griffin (C)1978
David Lowbridge: How’s tricks? First things first: Ask Brian Griffin if it’s ok to use his photographs.
Brian Griffin: Please use them, for anything to promote Barney’s work is fine by me. I remember so much but some of it is so difficult. 
David Lowbridge:  Second thing second: attached are some pics of the Copyright 1978 book, hope they’re of use? The image of the two men looking at the three sheets of paper was taken in 1975 and is entitled “At the end of Jensen Motors”. Brian talks about this photograph over at John Coulthart’s place, here’s what he said: 
“One day Car Magazine presented three drawings to the executives of Jensen, suggesting if they adopted these ideas, Jensen could be saved. The executives showed little interest.” 
Third thirdly: I’ve also attached a couple of pics of the Johnny Moped single, “Little Queenie”, as the back cover features a similar image to one in Copyright 1978 (I’ve photographed them next to each other so you can make a direct comparison). Note the square purple frame over the image on the single. 
Just show what you fancy to your avid viewers!