Barney playing guitar pictured by Funky Paul deep inside 307 Portobello Road

Barney B plays guitar at 307

David Wills says: I was sitting, out of frame, to the right of the Monopoly board. This was my first visit to 307 in March of ’69 I think.

Funky Paul reports from deep in Ladbroke Grove, March 1970, at 307 Portobello, with Barney on guitar at left. What chord is Barney fingering on what Paul thinks is an L5? Paul’s painting of the Monopoly board on the wall.

Barney B in studio

Barney laughing at right at 307 with John Rewind, 1970. Rewind is playing the guitar named, “American Pickle,” a 335 that Funky Paul painted for him at Funky Features in the Haight Ashbury (on Central where the Church of  John Coltrane would later be) just before he left for England to arrive on December 21, 1969.

David Lowbridge kindly sent word of this hidden hoard of Paul Olsen photographs, thanks to both of you.