Mucha Blonde in B.Bubbles heist

RandM: great play we saw yesterday.
obviously bb and dury have a BIG link (although not referred to in the play)


Wills to RandM: What needs writing is Barney’s highly developed graphic larceny, his magic way of ‘stealing’ from sources that made them entirely his.

RandM: When you write a post about Barney’s larceny, (see above) you may use this image as the header if you like (if you find it interesting and a suitable example). On the left is ‘The Blonde’ by Alphonse Mucha 1897. On the right is the cover of a Hawkwind tour programme by Barney Bubbles 1974. It’s interesting how so many details (big and small) carry across both. We also think Barney’s winter colour palette on his version is very well chosen. Best wishes, Rebecca and Mike

Wills: I writ a post that got lost, unsaved, in electroland on Barney influences from on stage. Brecht, Ionesco. You can imagine. Barney’s time in Ladbroke Grove in the thick of the ol’ Cockney grifter, snitch and fence operations wasn’t wasted (see previous post deep in the ‘Grove).

So, here for you to ogle, RandM produce from their tucker-bag of charms another wizbang viz with this gender bending transformation from the blonde wiles of Mme. Habsburg Strasse, Vienna, 1897; to the Hawkman of Portobello London, 1974, nicked fair and square.

The colors are probably chosen from that Victorian book of decoration printed in something like 36 colors litho from Mr A. Senefelder’s limestone, that Twickenham Art school declared obsolete, and was appropriated by the nimble fingers of Filcher Fulcher.

An obvious blatant Barney borrowing, angle for angle, is the viscous Nazi eagle on another Hawkwind cover. Which, now that I look more at it, isn’t as good an example of a crib as I had thought, just close, (so I took the nasty thing off the post) but I bet there’s an even more obvious obvious stylized version somewhere that Herr Bubbles appropriated. Plus while we’re at it, RandM kindly alert me to the fact that the version I had posted is a bastardized Barney – so here for your education is the original with searchlights shown first, and the fake version next to it.
Barney signed this album cover, so RandM tell me, ‘Grove Lane’ in the lower right. In Barney’s words “I’m calling myself Grove Lane (after a street where my friend lives)” – quoted from a letter he famously wrote to Tony Hyde – co-designer of Hawkwind’s ‘Astounding Sound; Amazing Music Album.’  See the whole shebang at:



Seem to do a recall that a teacher (maybe Mathews?) at Twickers gave the green light for students in Fulcher’s year to blatantly crib. Maybe Bob Wagner will verify. It was a newly acceptable dodge, acknowledging in a new way the traditional hand-me-down skills of ‘derivation’  in a very traditional school, and was noticeable in some of the students work that year. Bob Priest (sometime art ed on Esquire and who worked with me at Spectator Publications) was, I think, another of that year’s talented crop that included rocker ‘Mac’ McClagan. Hows about some of the old memories kids? .