Particle physics and quantum mechanics art for Barney to crib from



Coming at ya Barney! Here are some particle physics and quantum mechanics art for Barney to crib from in his Skilled Burglar mode.

Above are two items I stole from a book of photographs recently published that features creative science pictures, i’ll find out the name of the book soon and this will become a review.

Nazar comment from a while back: I did the artwork for New Anatomy, which was ICU’s post-Barney album. All the artwork, including ads and t-shirts, was based on conversations that I’d had with Barney about his interests in particle physics and quantum mechanics.


To add to this post in the spirit of it all, I give a heads-up on AlphaInventions who have brought so many viewereaders to this noble sight. Ladies and gints I give you a random (Hi RandM) inheritor of Barney’s popularization of the William Burroughs cut-up aesthetic.