Elvis Costello’s Magic Flashing Button, yellowed with age


David Wills says: If you move this Magic Flashing Button page around somewhat rapidly on the screen, you will see Barney showing off from the beyond, with a flashing sign of intelligence in the secret circuit that shews itself and the mouth that speaks, when the button is so moved.

Steve Kirkendall http://kirkendall.co.uk/?s=blog&month=2008-12 says: I got this button when I saw EC and the A’s for the 2nd time at the Ipswich Gaumont in November 1983. I fell in love with it immediately (I really loved the funny typography along the top) and was gob-smacked to find out recently that the design was to be the front of the ‘Punch the Clock’ album sleeve.

I was at the Norwich School of Art 1978-82 and I couldn’t help but notice how quietly brilliant Elvis Costello’s sleeves were. When I became a designer for the Norwich Arts Centre, Mr B was a HUGE influence because of those sleeves, even tho’ I didn’t know who the designer was. Unfortunately, I found out when I read Roy Carr’s BB obituary in The Face at the end of 1983.

The reason I love Mr B’s work so much was ’cos unlike other cutting edge designers at the time, his work was delivered with this real lightness of touch, it was cheeky, smart, made clever nods to great art and it had a real rhythm and a harmony about it that the work of Brody, Saville and Garrett seemed to lack.


RandM say: feel free to use this pic too if you want. this was a US tour t-shirt. ‘photo courtesy of rebecca and mike’