Barney Bubbles asks why you go all gagga over his work?


Here we are collaborating the Barney way, painting the A1GGz bus in 1967 on (or in) Avonmore Road outside Leigh Court, with the prefabs in the background. Jacob is on the left, he did a good impression  of WW2 standing on the kitchen table. Roy Burge looms over Barney (still a Fulcher) who, not wanting to have his visage stolen by the camera gremlins, is facing away from the camera.  John Muggeridge standing next to the Austen Powers stand-in, Stafford Cliff,  were both Conran Studio men along with Barney at the time. The ‘Hello Nice Things’ lettering on the back of the bus is by Barney. The portrait of Roy as the mystic with snake is by me (David Wills, sometimes aka Sid Squeek).


If you have a Barney related item I could use, please, do tell.

How has he influenced you to shirk convention?

When did you first realize he’d designed your fave rave album cover?

How do you do?