Barney Bubbles and ‘Naz’ Nazar’s well-worn, Inner City Unit t-shirts

David Wills wrote: Hi Nazar, Why do you get so carried away in a frenzy of excitement when you spy a Bubble?  How have the products of Ditchwater Designs affected your mating habits? Tell all, avid arters are waiting. Short or long, no matter. Thanks,

‘Naz’ Nazar writes: Hi David. Great to hear from you. The simple answer to your question is YES! Coincidentally, I’d taken some snaps earlier this week with a view to sending them to you, and here they are.

These are two (well-worn) t-shirts produced for Inner City Unit in 1981.

First t-shirt features a Constructivist design by Barney,


with the band’s name in cyrillic font. The shirt was sold at the merch table at the band’s gigs. I remember raising concerns about the frivolous use of Constructivist motifs by some other designers in the early eighties. Barney’s take on the situation was simple. “We all rip off the same people Naz,” he said.

The second shirt was produced by Avatar Records to promote the release of the band’s “Maximum Effect” album.


The type is taken from Barney’s design for the album cover, where it was originally laid over a photograph of Nik Turner avoiding a swinging light bulb, taken by Brian Griffin. Nik asked me to produce a songbook for the album, and Barney kindly handed me a bunch of spare prints of the Maximum Effect type, without the band’s name over it, which I cut up and collaged into my own drawings (not shewn). Cheers, Nazar.


We got a comment in Russian on this post, which my Polish friend Zeno was unable to translate with ease, anybody out there got any idea what it’s all about?

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