Purple weird fantasy head peeking out of the baby covers

A1goodwoman, the theatre personage, Carol Rusoff writes with a wonderful story (brought up from the comments dungeon) of another of Barney and my escapades. No picture available yet, although Carol says she has one somewhere, what a great visual that will be…

“1970 pregnant in Shepherd’s Bush, 28 Addison Gardens. What to do? Try knitting races with Garry, the dad… and along comes Barney ( Colin then*) and David…and we make all kinds of puppets with heads made out of balloons with papier maché on top. When it is dry we pop the balloon and Voila! We are left with the head to paint. So Barney put a finished puppet in the expected baby’s crib and I freaked out because it was weird to have a purple weird fantasy head peeking out of the baby covers. But we all had a good laugh and later the baby was born healthy as can be – Rebecca – and Barney and David brought funny presents over. Bless ‘em.”

What Carol does now: “I live in New York  city with Steve, a retired English prof who turns out to be the love of my life and upstate in a little house where I have a grant to make theatre with teens (I love ‘em) at a big old opera house and I like that. When we are here in Venice (LA) I direct  theatre and stuff.”

http: hudson teen theatre project:
IMPROV & Scene Work for Teens
with Carol Rusoff

Scene Work: Mondays, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. &
IMPROV: Tuesdays, 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. beginning September 21 & 22

(* It’s true Carol still called Barney ‘Colin’ then, but he’d started using the name in ’67, and Carol hadn’t quite got used to it.)

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