Lemmy Kilmister and Hawkwind’s speaker grills


Hi David

Here is a set of four speaker grills that Barney painted for Hawkwind during their early seventies Space Ritual heyday.

These are quite well made and seem to have survived the rigours of touring with that band, although the paint on the surrounds is in a delicate state now. On the back, you can see setting out marks in pencil alongside written notes.

RandM reminded me of a classic picture of Lemmy Kilmister on stage with the band. You can see the grills on the cab in the background.

Cheers, Naz


Wills writes: The great Russian artist El Lissitski was a big influence on Barney’s work. Below I post two randomly chosen pieces of El’s art, that he called called ‘Prouns.’ As Naz says elsewhere (on the post “Insolence Across The nation” vamped Barney, but where the El paintings I posted don’t show), Barney later called El “a hack” – but as I said, I suspect that was because El later buckled under Jo Stalin and became another Social Realist doing what he was told, something Barney always fought against with all his might.