World scoop ! See Barney Bubbles move ! Make your own Barney flip book !

This amazing inchage filmed by Harvey Matusow and found by skilled Barnophiles R&M on YouTube, are the only moving pictures of Barney ever seen.

It shews a sequence of Barney walking through the ‘office’ of Friends magazine on the second floor (called the 1st floor in the UK) at 307 Portobello Road, he is wearing a sheepskin vest, and holding a scalpel, he then removes something on a layout at the desk. I would be willing to bet sixpence that Barney borrowed the sheepskin vest. Further notation will surely follow.

The YouTube link is: and this sequence of Barney Bubbles appears from 2m01s to 2m05s. (Note: video no longer available, but see stills below)

The fireplace in the background is evocative to me of an incendiary event later that year at Frendz, when Tiny Tony (as we called him) lit a newspaper fire that set the chimney ablaze, and started an inferno in the basement, so that I had to yell, “Fire! Evacuate the studio.”

That maybe Rosie Boycot in the background. (Not so, see comments.)




Mistaken Identity: Phil points out that that may not be Friends editor Alan Marcuson in the 2nd doorway to the right, that was one of the doors to the store-full-of-stalls called Friends Market, the door on the left heads upstairs to the Friends office. The changing scene evolved with the tenants, this format probably lasted a twelve month or so in 1970-71 I think, that so?


Barney signage outside 307 Portobello Road. The store named ‘Friends,’ could be read as either, A. the magazine which was upstairs, or B. the first half of the arcade of stalls called ‘Friends Market.’ The second store, labeled Market, is where there were a few record, beads and bangle micro-biz’s. The wall between the two stores had simply been bashed through to make a mega-mall, the usual remains of a Barney demolition crew job, beams exposed, plaster crumbling from the hewn-yew lathe poking into the passage for a while, which was decorously later draped in flowing fabric to cover the deed from officialdom. “I like the solution.” said Barney.

He had a secret curtained off corner in the back on the right (it was literally three sided, 3 ft x 3 x 3) where you could stand and hide, no one at the magazine knew about it. He said, “I use it sometimes.” which I did when, one day, I went to visit not wanting to meet Jo Greene (I did not like him at all*) et al. It was when b showed the Sutherland Bros art for me to deface, that Miz Moon done do.

  • Apologies to Mr Greene, who I think is a fine fellow. In thinking about my attitude back then, I expect he reminded me of my insincere, critical and snide self and didn’t want to deal with it. His slang dictionary I found as fascinating as Partridge. The attempts of Wentworth, Flexner to get a grip on US slang needs revision. Perhaps my ‘Dictionary of Obscure Words That I Like’ will one day add to the shelf.

I had a dream the other night, based on a real experience in 1971, of being to the north of Glastonbury Tor and trying to cross one of Mary Caine’s supposed zodiac drainage ditches, that was a gross, deep algae ridden swamp that got deeper and deeper…


Hands of the master surgeon, with a scalpel in his right hand using his left hand as a fulcrum and stand-in mall-stick, this is to keep his right hand raised so there’s no smudging of the still-wet ink type. By raising the lower hand considerable leverage is achieved, so that the blade can be controlled with precision, and kept at a constant angle, if needed. He is lifting a waxed photo up to reposition it, I think. (There is a major discussion of the minutia of this clip, see comments.) The scalpels we used must have been supplied by friendly surgeons or nurses to someone in supplies for I seldom saw anyone use a regular Xacto blade, the scalpels we used were the real thing, wrapped in sterilized foil, ready to cut. (I’m rem’ing now that Xacto’s come in foil too, so I could be, heaven forefend, misremembering here. So sue me.)


… and this is the spread in Friends he’s working on.