Colin Fulcher photographs his graduation, but not himself.

1963. I realized that this graduation picture, recently become positive after a lifetime of negative obscurity, is from the missing Fulcher shoot of the class of ‘63. “It must be there, I know it was.” he stridently asserted. I said I’d never seen ’em, which was true until yesterday. He is apparent by his absence from this, his own show. I’m sure there are some of these engaging loons still around,

Looking more closely at all these folk I see that I am mistaken in who they are, I think the following ID’s are incorrecr that the people I describe below were mostly in the year above this crowd. Who they are will have to be provided by those who know, ‘cos I sure don’t. I think it is Pennie Smith, and Roy Burge I’m fairly sure, but not Pete Smith, no Mrs Wallbank either. I put all the mistaken ID caption in brackets.

(Pete Brown of the Muleskinners, Mrs, Wordsworth who paints with skilled brazen guache, Bob Priest sometime of Esquire, Mac McLagan of The Small Faces etc., Stephen Goy off to the left, Susan Wallbank who makes the most beautiful lino-cut views-of-the-Thames series as cards,they are all in there and still jiving.)

These cavorting with car photographs were taken by Colin Fulcher with my Yashica. That’s Roy’s Morris, he’s standing on his head. The other shoot, mourning over the bed of droopy flowers in the Quad were taken by me. None have e’er been seen before.

It’s amusing that there’s a coming-of-age movie out now about a 16-year-old girl who is in her last year of school at St. Margaret’s in Tickenham of 1961, the year I graduated.