Muleskinners: Got Them Hounslow Blues Again


Colin Fulcher photograph Muleskinners in concert at Hounslow Town hall, maybe 1963.
Colin Fulcher photographs Ian McClagan , Dave Pether and Nick Tweddell of the Muleskinners 1963

Walkin down that High Street

Got no place to go

Walkin’ down the bus depot

Got them Hound slow Blues again…


The Twickenham art school formed band, The Muleskinners, photographed by Colin Fulcher for publicity, but destined by fate to never be used. The band went caput when Mac McLagan co-founded the Small Faces, and later joined the ‘Stones amongst other adventures. I thought he played keyboard, but is shewn here with a guitar (that may have been Fulcher’s, er, nah, it’s not). With Dave Pether, guitar; Pete Brown base, and the  guy on harp who’s name escapes me. It is Nick Tweddell so he tells us. See comments. There’s another shot in this sequence, shot in ‘Ahnslow bogs with Paolozzi prints on the porcelain that I will up-dig soon. (1963.) See above. I have now  found the Paolozzi Hounslow ‘bog’ picture.