It’s occurring to me as we wend our way through the mems o’ yester that the ‘box of pix’ from which I dig these snaps in time, is the ongoing A1GGz multimediabox. That the web was invented so that we can use them in ultimate style, time collage on a big scale. So as I wend the captions we’ll all join in some way right? Collaborate. Y’all join in now. It’s what Barney and I were working on, and he wanted to continue when he gave them back…

Dug up and put here:
May 1983. “Yeah. These are for you, don’t know what you’ll do with them, but I expect you’ll think of something, right?. Collage maybe?” said Barney when he gave me these old prints I’ve been posting lately. And that’s why the web was invented – to make possible their publication. They were in a box full of print tests. left over from some project way back, late ‘67 or later. We were going to do a show of the influence of the A!GGZ,as an art project A1GGism, but it dissipated as an idea to do as 1969 wore on. I was unhappy with the prints and Barney wasn’t interested in the Mega Jumble sale that I was into. I’d made the prints over at the Fulcher family house enlarger in Colin Fulcher’s, aka Barney B’s, temporary darkroom on Tranmere Road, Whitton. Most of the negs were mine but the Muleskinners and the grad pix were photographed by Colin. In a way this is the cotinuation of the work barney and I started in ‘63 and prepared for in ‘67, to art-up a multi-media AiGGz show in the ongoing sequence of ‘Inspector Burge Investigates,’ the Image poster, the Erections and the Super 8 ‘music video.’ These pictures were intended as images for an A1GGz Poster and box, to contain the Ultimate.
I’ll work this into a post I think.