The Shepherds Bush Mob at the Rusoff’s

1968 or more possibly, March 1969, 28 Addison Gardens, watching BBC TV TW3(?) from far right: that’s writer and teacher, with Afghani soft-hat and moustache, Gary Rusoff; upagainstthewall with thoughtful hand on chin is the drama person in a cap, Carol Rusoff, both of whom whom we met at the Front Room Indian Restaurant on North End Road; Rudi, as in the song, takes a hit on the bong; next, with black Trilby embroidered with colorful braid lurks the secretive American draft protester ‘Rod’; all in white is high school teacher in Washinton State, Judi Cowper,whom we met through the Arts Lab crash pad switchboard; with tricorn and a blaze of light sits the Barney holding a torch (what I now call a flash light) probably hoping it would obscure his face; looks to be someone in a hooded mask, lower left, could be Judi’s husband, or it could have been, but wasn’t, the guy from the Moody Blues who lived upstairs, maybe it is Gary’s cousin Barbara(?), or it could be Diney Bercel just before she left for Florence, nope, I think she was there already; and I think that’s me top far-left, time lapse photographer, Wills, in cap, sweater and regalia.

Perhaps Gary or Carol will oblige us with their thoughts.