Lorry ‘Sartorio’ with classic peace-pin, the Stafford Cliff edge, Mary Lexa lux.

Here are some pictures of people who were around hot spot Leigh Court, Avonmore Road, West Kensington in 1967.

Lorry in a portrait by Colin Fulcher, taken at school in 1963.

Photo by David Wills of Stafford Cliff, 1967 (I find a resemblance to Austen Powers). If Stafford would oblige us with an update on his recent doings, ‘twould be good.

Mary Lexa the dashing-dancer Bohop, lux of the Baltic, who will undoubtedly send details of her latest adventures. Snapped by Wills in 1967, print by Grove Hardy.

Judi Cowper gazing off, imagining being retired on a Pacific Island, on Maui, Hawaii some fifty years later.

O sweet mind, out of time. What name do you wear, what calls you, who calls you by what? Do tell. Taken at the Sounds Good Evening 1967.