Colin Fulcher says, “Get a load o’ them Muleskinners knockout R+B tonight.”

Here is Lorry in all her original bluedream color, in this prize-winning, epochal poster. As RandM say below, it is C.1964 (I’m fairly certain) poster by Colin Fulcher (known as Barney Bubbles). This is the first time this poster has been reproduced in its original color.

There were other examples of type-on-a-body, in Weimar in the 30’s, by Warhol in the 60’s, and others, but Fulcher finessed a sophisticated first for Hounslow Mod-Rock with this vibrant viz.

Copyright on this poster probably belongs to Colin Fulcher’s (AKA Barney Bubbles) estate, in the possession of Colin’s sister. I believe I have respected his master’s memory well enough that I am free to use the image. I was given permission by Mick, the Muleskinners’ drummer, to use a copy from his vast collection of posters and to whom we are all colorfully indebted.