Photoed by me, David WIlls, and they’re…

Photoed by me, David WIlls, and they’re my copyight 2010 goddam it!  Not that that makes much diff. If you want to use ’em, I can’t do much about it, now can I, like. They’ll be purloined by all and sundry to send to their loved ones anyway. They were art-directed, down to the Weetabix, by Barney Fulcher who wanted them to look sharp, mod style, but taken with a throwaway camera, out of focus and fucked up. The assembled jerks are Roger Bowman, a driver at Conran with the sugar and Wetabikies; next to him with whiskers, Roy Burge, later to be a video producer; Pete brown, musician with switch-blade; and Barney Fulcher, art bloke with a big nose. The band’s only gig was playing air guitar at the Conran Xmas party in 1967, when Barney and I appeared in front of a bank of badly tuned TV sets and rocked out to the sound of mains hum and white noise.

“Get in real close, its OK out of focus.”

“Shoot it through a rolled up tube of Mylar, so its all reflected and fuzzy.”

I used shiny paper, not Mylar ‘cos we didn’t have any. I got it all lined up and spaced right. We only had one shot each , so I concentrated on getting the faces cool.

Three of the jackets were mine, they were 2 waiters jackets, blue and yellow, and a railway engineers cut in white, often (twice) worn with an engineers hat. “Get it real colourful.” said Barney, We used colored filters on the background.

The boxes they’re sitting on were from props used in another project that Barney had a hand in and which I art directed, the Stanley book of designs for building your own furniture, when he shewed me a USA book on design, from which I cribbed the grid (it was the same, nigh on, as the design book itself). I believe the book may have been published by the Univesity of Chicago (?). Amusingly enough, the Reader’s Digest do-it-yourself  books are a blantant crib, in turn, of the Stanley book ((same grid and meticulous leading on the charts).