Long log unhip – short cuts spark gleek

Log worder Wills now vows to key only snub-nose text as reader lure.

Short logs make for easy read, stats go high?


Photograph by Colin Fulcher 1966? This unnamed girl, whom I will here call ‘Janis Perkins’, worked at the Novelty store on Hammersmith Road. She gave the former Colin Fulcher, a good deal on supplies, and much else, for the Conran party at  Leigh Court, West Ken, where cookie dough flew. She was a  relative, or friend of the kin, of Ted ‘Edward’ Molton Esq. the so-called scrap metal and ‘antiques’ dealer, who later threw a party to which I was attendant, as was the aformentioned Ms ‘Perkins,’ and Fulcher (known as ‘Barney’ by then), your honor.

You can read a more full account of our Ed (or ‘Ted’) by searching back in time on this way too long site.

A gleek, should you be wondering, is ‘an amorous glance’, according to the Oxford English Dict.
The young woman would seem to be the very definition thereof.