Romping on the knobbly  floor Photograph by David…

Romping on the knobbly  floor

Photograph by David Wills Copyright 2011

Mary Lexa is the dancer whom I met picking ripe fruit in an orchard of plumb trees in Wembley (or similar activity and place) or possibly from the crash pad listings at the Arts Lab, and who quickly became a part of our striving for other routes to follow.  She and Barney may have been lovers. Came in to my room one day and Barney and Mary were siting opposite each other on the knobbly industrial carpeted floor, locked in intimate embrace as they say. Could mean anything, but I think it means that.

Mary was an influence in all aspects of our life, food, fun and frolics. She was awarded the Liquorice Pipe of Perfection for the most colourful presence at our Sounds Good Evening event.

Lexa later became a respected dancer in Denmark, led a troupe of bodies into gyrations and hops. She lived in San Francisco for a while and we were in contact, but I have not had a chance too follow up and get the recording she used to have of the episode when Barney took a gang of sound thugs down to refuse disposer Ted Moulton’s brother in law’s pebble-dash New Malden abode, in early ’68 maybe, on a Noise recording outing, with about twelve crazies or so crowded into a teeny booth rattling pans, screaming, brapping chain saws, revving vacuum cleaners and the like. I felt crowded and split. The sound was the very definition of noise.

Photographed by David Wills, Pentax, Tri-ex, 60th sec at 5.6, natural light.