A1GGz, Jolly bunch of chaps, out for stroll, head to ‘Front Room’ Indian nosh on North End Road

Left to right: Bowman the driver, Burge the productions man, Barney on graphics, and the amusing Peter Wills, down from Caenarvon, brother of the photographer shewn here at an A1GoodGuyz event. This self styled ‘gang’ had been playing at Jets from West Side Story out on the street and was interrupted by me running ahead and taking the two photographs (one was posted on┬áthis site earlier and also reproduced in gorbody’s ‘book’ where, innaccurate as usual, he captions my brother Peter as me.) Burge is demanding something like, ‘Put that thing away, Barney doesn’t want his picture taken.’

This is a Saturday in June 1965, by the looks of things. We’re headed for what we called ‘the Front Room’ Indian Restaurant on North End Road opposite a space that one time housed a lopsided junk shop, where my dad used to buy electric shavers that didn’t work.

‘Record’ John Cowell at one time lived in Rugby Mansions, the lower half of its doorway cartouche can be seen above Roy Burge’s head. Looking east, in the distance, are the pre-fabs on Avonmore Road, West Ken. The one-day-to-be Elvis Costello lived down the road to the right on Leinster Gardens.

Photograph by David Wills