John Dove: an Oz 12 recallathon

Continued from previous post…

From John Dove. The 12th. edition of OZ magazine. My piece of work was a pull-out poster of 20 pairs of breasts – montaged, painted and drawn and a drawing of a Kellogg’s Rice Crispies box with a cut-out puppet of Roger Moore as a Jester (wasn’t published). Barney was assembling the layouts and we were all sticking stuff up on the separate film layers to be printed. I misremember you producing the typography. If there’s any chance of you accepting the existence of my artwork, I’d really like to find the original Breasts poster art again for my Breasts website pages. The final piece printed in OZ was a smaller vignette made up with only the pencil drawings. I was disappointed.

While we were working in the apartment at the back of Olympia one Friday afternoon there were familiar sounds drifting across from the hall – it was The Who on a sound check. We discovered a massive concert was arranged for that weekend but the publicity hadn’t happened and when we turned up that evening the place was fairly empty. There was a movie wall of Warhol films, a Fun fair with a classic Carousel and the most amazing line-up of performing bands ever … The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Tyrannosaurus – Rex, Pink Floyd, The Animals, Soft Machine and others – The Fool were hanging on the Carousel but there were only about 150 other people turned up – as the evening moved on, the venue began to fill up more – we were there all night – what a night! I misremember you had drifted off with a group of friends so we spent the evening with Barney….. or was it Charlie? We met up a few times after that to swop comics, we both collected Marvel especially Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer.