The Fax’n’Fable merge … if you half close your eyes

From John Dove:

Maybe myth-memory makes miss-memory the key to a more interesting tale

Hello David,

I misremember that during the PopArt/Hippytripping days of Grannys with Michael English and Nigel Weymouth, 1967-68. Molly was a Furnishing Textile Designer and I was a struggling Sculptor living off my illustration work. I met Barney Bubbles at Nova Magazine – I had worked as an illustrator there for about a year with Harri Peccinotti and Bill Fallover. I believe Barney was acting as consultant Art Director with you for an edition in ’67. Barney and you invited me to join you and some other Artists to work on OZ 12.

It may not have been winter 1967. When I arrived at your apartment next to Olympia, there was an Ice Cream Van parked outside with Rupert Bear Cartoons painted all over it which rang out the tune of “Rupert the Bear”. I misremember that Barney was dressed as Rupert Bear in Yellow Tartan trousers and scarf with a red sweater. Barney had a very large nose in the centre of a pretty face – his hair was blonde and curly. I said I’d seen his marvellous Van outside and he confirmed it was his. I don’t remember driving in it. Paul Gorman said that Barney couldn’t drive so he wouldn’t have owned a van. Paul said it was probably Charlie Bubbles I met.

To be continued…