Candid Camera of artists descending a staircase

I just woke up at 3:05 AM remembering that, maybe, in the vaults of (commercial) ITV there is video of Colin Fulcher (as Barney Bubbles then was) and me in an early Candid Camera clip. It was in 1960 the first year of ITV’s version of the American show. In Teddington, home of ITV studios, and where I lived, there is a path, Station Way, that runs between the houses and the railway-line and ends in a sharp bend where it joins Clarence Road. One day towards the end of the school year, Colin and I were visiting my parents house on Sandy Lane. As we turned the corner on Station Way, there in front of us was a badly drawn ‘staircase’ in chalk on the pavement, with loopy string on wonky banisters, descending in a feeble attempt to appear to be going down into the underworld. Without thinking I pretended to walk down, knees bending lower as I went, followed closely by Colin who did the same. The day after it was broadcast some  students  said they’d seen us performing what must have looked like a Groucho Marx routine on TV, they said we looked stupid. I seldom watched TV, certainly not ITV, so I didn’t see the incident, but I imagine there’s a dusty file somewhere….