Rolling Stones in neckties, Friday night at the Crawdaddy club in the Station Hotel, Richmond

This photograph, purloined off Google, pictures an amusingly low grade ‘Stones gig at the Crawdaddy club when it was at the Station Hotel dance hall in Richmond, SW London, probably around 1962. The stage is about eighteen inches high.  ‘Arf a dollar (two and sixpence, hmm, although maybe it went up to seven and sixpence?) at the door. Could be me in the far right with my ear pressed against the sub-woofer Vox box and facing away from the band, because I’d blown out the right ear, as a result I am now quite deaf in the left  ear. Some one said you shouldn’t do that. I said it felt good. The night of what would be their last booking at the Station Hotel, there were so many rockers waiting to get in, the gig was canceled and Richmond was crawling with Stoners looking for fun on a Friday night. A bunch of Twickers art students and former,  gathered by the Richmond Bridge.
Looking at the picture I am reminded that the stage pelmet, the dumb, but vaguely heraldic device above the stage, was only seen on their last show or maybe the last time I saw ’em there. I asked somebody who may have been Fulcher what they thought of the new stage deco, since amusingly I thought it looked like a railway station. Whoever it was replied, “Not worth thinking about.”

It is this club and stage with which Keith Richards opens his Monumenta Rasa.