Them Muleskinners gig at the Hounslow public pizzer

Photograph by Colin Fulcher, 1963. The Muleskinners, left to right, Nick Tweddell, Dave Pether, and ‘Mac’ Mc Clagan (later of the Small Faces and for a while of the Rolling Stones) standing in front of three classic Paolozzi prints ( Aha ! Not so. See tomorrow’s thrilling installment… ) affixed to  the shiny vitreous porcelain of what I think are the Hounslow Town Hall public toilets. I’ve no idea where he got the prints. Colin (as Barney Bubbles then was) used ‘pizzer’ which I think is a North Country accent (Yorkshire?)  variant of ‘pisser’ to describe the scene. Pete Brown didn’t show for the gig – I expect he thought it in less than good taste. The Muleskinners disbanded shortly after this.

Colin was really psyched about the shoot, had a thing going for Paolozzi, whom he’d first cottoned on to, improbably, at the Ideal Home Exhibition of 1960 on a school field trip special for the ‘Display Course,’ or what we called ‘the Cardboarders’. Why Paolozzi prints would be at the Ideal Homes Exhibition, a bland suburban 50’s heaven, I can’t explain, but they were, I saw them too. (Bit of a stretch for my memory but perhaps they were on the wall of a Westminster Bank display?) Back at school in the tower, Colin disagreed with Mr ‘Ironspine’ Gould who decried Paolozzi as being “modern rubbish,” Colin quietly said to me he really liked Paolozzi’s work.