The pizzer* picture investigation, round two.

Curious Readers wrote: On the toilet pic, the designs look like they are in architectural recesses… so… maybe they were part of the original architecture of the toilet? If not then the posters would have had to be a perfect match for size, unless Colin done ’em up himself the right size for the recesses? Just curious about it all… that’s all 🙂 are they Paolozzi do you think? Or a copy in-the-style-of?

What are the numbers 3, 4 and 5 all about? And those buttons?

David Wills replies: Hmm, interesting, I don’t know – I wasn’t there and wasn’t involved. 46 years is a very, very long time ago – although at no time since 1964 have I forgotten anything about this jaunt – since I never really knew more than I’ve told you already. Hella fun trying to glean the fax though.

I am sure they weren’t there courtesy of the Town Hall (if that’s where it was), since Hounslow has no history of art involvement. You could pay a ceremonial visit perchance? But I am certain they were put there by him – he told me so. I was fairly sure they were Paolozzi’s, but now you mention it, there is a vague chance he copied them, but that seems unlikely to me, on the other hand where did he get them? Could be from a magazine? Maybe they were given out at the Ideal Homes Exhibition, dunno. I have a teensy mem that he said ‘they fitted in,’ the recesses, but that could be an artifact of having been suggested by you just now.

Maybe one of the threesome, Nick, Dave, or Mack could do a recall on the episode?

Further hmming… Crikey! Looking again at the art it is possible that Colin did paint them isn’t it? He certainly could have. By Jove, that would explain why they fitted the nooks so accurately, and so, as you propose, maybe they’re not Poalozzi but Fulchurian Poalozzi look-alikes. I could go with that. But I’m certain he did mention Paolozzi in relation to this job. So… I’m thinking Colin did do ’em.

What the buttons and numerals are about is anybodies guess. Although the fact that they look like Letraset would indicate Colin’s hand. Further facts: Two of the band didn’t turn up, Pete Brown and the drummer – which would account for the numbering, wouldn’t it? And, since he avoided repeating hisself, this could be why on OZ 12, he used the letter’s A,B,C to indicate the numerals of the four Buddhist ways (where the fourth, D, should have been the cover sheet).

In summation thereof, it has been decided by the adjudication committee that the supposed ‘Paolozzi prints’ in the background of this photograph are by Colin Fulcher, and are in fact none other than the first post-curricular, original Fulcher paintings ever to be seen.

*I see folk have been Googling ‘Pizzer’ to find out what it means. But I don’t think it’s listed from what I could see. I thought I had explained it elsewhere, but since you ask, ‘pizz’ is North Country dialect for ‘piss’, so a pizzer is a urinal.