An introduction to the Museum of the Haight Ashbury and a short dictionary of words useful to interpret the captions

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Above are designs for the proposed virtual Museum of the Haight Ashbury where you will, over the next measured period of time, begin to find many posters by Moscosco, Wes Wilson etc., comic art by Robert Crumb, Greg Irons, Spain Rodriguez etc., paintings by Mark Bode and Rail, photographs from the portfolios of Greg Gaar and others, plus artifacts from many other collections including The Dead, Janis Joplin, The Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner and much else including the Barney Bubbles London and Haight Ashbury convergence work.

This short dictionary below will be of particular use when reading the captions in the virtual museum, which may sometimes be written in a way that might need a bit of an explanation. Below is a helpful guide to interpreting the information – and for you to use in conversation and emails at your convenience.

All words are Oxford English Dictionary certified.


Acale cold “Acale as a witch’s gleek.”

Acopic removing fatigue, “She ate acopic weed – and ne’er looked aft.”

Agglutinent sticky, used to describe compound words, “Her attractive lifestyle is sticktoitness.”

Abada a Malayan rhino

Aband to banish, ” ‘I aband dull care.’ she murmured.”

Abassi a Persian coin (of great value?), “You’re worth more than Abassi.”


Bagge to look at, to oggle, “I’ll bagge gleg a tassle.” – Robbie Burns’ uncle.

Bidigeon filler, “This blog is full of bidigeon.”

Colory colored, good, ripe, “Yon colory dowsabelle dinks a dizen.””

Congee “Goodbye.”

Congeon a term of contempt. ” ‘Pah. Y’ congeon.’ The sailor replied.”


Dwang “It was a loose connector between joists.– It were the ‘dwang,’ your Honor.”

Druxy fat, or squat, “This month’s Paper cover-girl, boy, she’s one dirly-droxy.”

Doxy a sweetheart

Dowsabelle a beloved

Dirdum a storm

Dirl, excitement, dirly,excited

Dit to stop, “I’ll dit now, and with dow esquise, refresh the mind.”

Dizen to dress up

Dow virtuous

Dindle twinkle

Dink to dress finely


Exust to burn up calories

Esquise rough

Eyer an observer


Fadge to succeed

Fard to paint the face

Felly many, cunning

Fewtrills a trifle

Fesse red

Fike to flirt

Feve a lover, a friend

Fid a small piece of cake

Fardel to brush lightly with the hand

Fax the hair of the head

Feck the greatest amount

Frisco a safe fun harbor. (Sailors slang. Which is why the SanFrancisco matrons abhorred the term as being too coarse for polite discourse. Not in OED or in any slanguage dic I’ve seen.)


Gipser a bag on the belt

Girdlestead the waist

Gleg quick eyed, smart

Gliff a glimpse

Gleek to flirt

Gnuff a lout

Gremial of the bosom


Humect to become moist

Humdugeon an imaginary illness

Huggery hugging


Iwis to know

Izar a long dress


Jink to elude a pursuer

Jabbernowl a blockhead


Knapple to eat a lot of apples

Kimcam crooked

Knapple to bite an apple frequently


Laund a glade, lawn

Liard a no value coin

Libken a bedroom


Misbede to injure

Mirable wonderful

Misdepaert to shave (a coin) unfairly

Mizzle to drizzle

Mody modish

Mohok a London punk

Mohoohoo a white rhino

Moither to talk incoherently

Momus a capricious critic

Moke a net

Mome a dolt

Monarcho an emperor of the world

Movel dark brown

Morne blunt

Morsing priming a gun

Mossback behind the times

Mo more (Chaucer)

Mobble to muffle ones head

Moder yo’ mother

Moil to toil, to get muddy

Muzz to study

Muckender a handkerchief

Mormo a hideous she monster

Mucoprurient bad spit

Muchwhat pretty well


Nargilly a hookah

Ne not

Nis is not

Nooning the rest at midday

No mo no more

Nothingarian no religious beliefs

Novity novelty

Nuddle to press with nose

Nash gob bad talk

Noway no way

Nit is not



Poss to wash the hand

Poult a child

Popple a bubble


Quahog an animal

Quetch to make

Quiddle to waste time


Ragabash idle rabble


Swale timber planking

Sweal to burn

Shide a piece of wood split off

Shirr an elastic web


Teer to color

Tinct to color

Tind to inspire


Uberty rich growth


Vail the setting sun


Wooer one who woos

Woold to make something round


Xyst a mall


Yahoo swift

Yourn yours

Yerk to jerk ones laces

Yorak ready to work

Yikes the noise of a woodpecker

Yare ready quick

Yawp like a crow

Yo an exclamation !

Yode went

Yuffrouw a young woman

Yug the age of the world


Zho a Tibetan cow

Zingara a gypsy