Faces from a pivotal time, but then, aren’t they all?

All these photographs were taken and printed by David Wills (‘me’) around 1966 to 1967 in the dark room at Colin ‘Barney’ Fulcher’s parents house in Whitton Mddx. All (or many, or most, at least some) are reversed left to right, “It adds another layer” said the Master of the Depth Charge (Barney). Oddly in all but one of the photographs, the subject is facing right. Ah, yes, they were to be abutted, The Wilson mask was to face left, with a well overlapped collage crowd facing right. So. The reversals were printed thusly on purpose it seems Holmes. Ah, such glimpses. Fun to recall. Someone might do it, right?

They were to be used in an as yet unfinished project that aimed to record the doings of the A1GoodGuyz in the same way we had experimented with the the ‘Image’ and the ‘Erections’ and planned a multi-media extravaganza box of tricks to do it. Consider this log a Box of Tricks.

Top row, Who? 1 Roy ‘Bumps’ Burge, into video now, with an air-rifle from I bought at Churchill’s, just behind the National Gallery. This was taken on a trip to Aunt Rene, my ‘Aunt Whatsist’ of Ian Dury wallpaper fame, in Poole. This was not connected to the Twickers’ cowboy fixation, more a casual hooliganism, not that we did anything wrong, just an attitude. When the feeling about guns as totally uncool kicked in later, I gave the gun away to some guy on Basset Road, a friend of the Saviour of Venice, that divine student of architecture, the alluring Diney Bercel.

2 Lance Simmons  was  a typographer who took my place at Town magazine in 1965, working with with Roy ‘Billy Apple’ Carruthers.

3 Helen harrington the future wife of the well known misty-wriggly NY painter, Brice Marden, with whom I stayed in their NY loft on Grand Street in Aug ’67 in a studio full of his mesmerizing paintings of New York fog.

4 Last on top row on right is the Master of the Intricate Trees, Mick Jackson, sometime room mate of way-cool illustrator cartoonist Chris Higson and myself. Mick was, probably still is, an illustrator, a Welsh dreaming linear craftsman who was rep’d by Saxon Artists when I knew  him, drew for the Radio Times, and married artist, Dianne Hillier.

5 AD Chris ‘Took’ Terry was at Twickers Art school same year as Dave Palmer an’ me, from ’55 through to ’61, he had an apartment with AD Tommy Atkins above us on Avonmore Road. The previous tenant in what would be our place at A1Leigh Court had died in a fire, it was Terry who told me it was a available.

6 Sandra Garnel was the beautiful raven haired daughter of the hairdresser in Hampton Wick. We got aquainted on an epic journey to Portland Bill. Abandoned the bus and we ended up at Aunt Rene’s. I lost her in Baden Baden or was it Hamburg, Germany, making bent wire jewelery.

7 Mary Lexa jumping, the Bohemian dancer from the mid-west, choreographer – was a lively one – worked as a dance-diva in Denmark. Was  at the Bubbles’ random noise recording in New Malden, 1969, and had a tape of it.

8 Last row, ‘Jacob’ in a Harold Wilson Mask at the Sounds Good Evening, with an as yet unnamed, mysterious student in the back.

9 Dave Palmer, was in the same year at Twickers as Terry and myself. Dave was a bit of a lad, worked for JWT in Brumagem, worked for one of the train Robbers, too, so he said.

10 The alluring Lexa leers from below her lid.

11 Derek Wallbank and Susan Perfect getting married in 1966(?). RCA film-proff, Derek was editor of the Barney Fulcher short, the world’s first made for TV ‘music video.’ Susan cuts linoleums of classic Thamesian views.

12 Chris Terry