Wills sings: Well well well

… later, next century, here we see the Wills, 50 years after the last post, engaged in amateur theatrics, actually singing a song for his departed friend, Waterfall, at the opening of the 33rd Haight Ashbury Street Fair, 2010. I am dressed in faux Tibetan Shaman’s garb improbably emoting a song involving Noah and his Ark. The Haight Street Fair is a Barney Bubbles construct in some ways. When we started our colab after college, in 1964, working to invent ways to promote bands with Barney’s (and my) graphic ingenuity and inventing music videos in the process, one of our intense desires was to create public scenarios for multimedia (it was two words back then and spellcheck not yet invented) and street art events were top of the list. Inspired by the Grateful Dead who famously blocked off Haight Street to perform, we imagined such delights as masked artists painting in public, projecting movies on buildings, and always thinking up ways to involve the audience as part of the show. The germination of that excitement led directly to me (and others for their own reasons) frequently suggesting in 1977  to James von Emon, manager of the Shady Grove club on Haight Street that we should org up a Street fair. That we did. And 33 years later Barney’s influence continues to crowd Haight street with the smoke of braziers cooking dogs and corn and whathaveyou, two stages, 24 bands, and about 170,000 colorful people of varied backgrounds enjoying the scene. A central attraction of the fair is a two booth space, donated by the Fair, that artists Cat Bell, Richard Ivanhoe and I use to stage a street version of our Garden Parties, the contemporary expression of the A1GoodGuys Sounds Good Evening concept of having a good time in public.

Don French has great pictures of the fair at  http://www.flickr.com/photos/39108059@N00/sets/72157624153901737/

This is what Don has to say: I created a gallery of images from yesterday’s annual Haight Ashbury Street Fair here:  http://www.donfrenchphotography.com/Events/2010HaightAshburyStreetFair/img_8597c.htm.  I tried to capture the color and flavor of this unique fair in these photos.  I hope you enjoy them.  I strongly suggest that you view the photographs full-size rather than in the index.  Use the Next link above each image to page forward through the images.  If they are too large to fit on your screen without scrolling, try pressing F11 to get more screen real estate (press it again to get the screen back the way it was).  If they are still too large, here is a site that has smaller images:  http://www.donfrenchphotography.com/Events/2010HaightAshburyStreetFair/Smaller/img_8597c.htm.  But they really do look their best at the larger size and you can see more detail.  For those of you who live in the Haight, if you see someone you recognize and know their email address, please send it to me, as many people asked if I would contact them once I had the photos ready to view.  Thanks!

David W adds, if you see someone you know in the Don’s photographs, but don’t know their email, no matter, please add their name and whatever detail you know as a comment.