A new CD of early material by the band ‘Radar Favourites’ features some reprised Barney Bubbles artwork

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A new CD of early material by the band ‘Radar Favourites’ features some reprised Barney Bubbles artwork on the cover. This will be the first time many people will have seen this artwork so we thought it might make an interesting news item for your blog.

Radar Favourites was an experimental band from the early/mid 1970s, one of whose members was guitarist Gerry Fitzgerald. As well as being a musician in his own right, Gerry also worked closely with Barney Bubbles on the staging of Hawkwind’s Space Ritual tour (amongst other things), and gets name-checked on a few Hawkwind items Barney designed.

The image supplied to you shows the cover of the new CD, which uses a logo Barney designed for them. Design-wise, it looks like the stars have had some reworking from the original, and the splitting of the blue and black colours is a modern decision too. Other than that, it is a faithful reproduction, and is an interesting reappearance of Barney’s work.

There is more info about the band and CD here:
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…and here is the excellent review referred to above at Reel Recordings:

Radar Favourites was formed in the summer of 1974 by saxophonist/flautist Geoff Leigh, after making Henry Cow’s Legend album the undisputed classic it is. Geoff & his lady, keyboardist/singer Cathy Williams, teamed with electric guitarist Gerry Fitz-Gerald (Mouseproof), bass guitarist Jack Monck (Delivery and Stars), and drummer Charles Hayward (Quiet Sun). This quintet drew upon their disparate playing experiences to inject fresh oxygen into the then increasingly bloated body of British Rock. Theirs was not a regular music, but one that repositioned the markers on the rarified field of experimental rock.

By year’s end Radar Favourites had completed two studio tracks and gave just four concerts, before shifting personnel and eventually disbanding under industry indifference. This historical CD release presents the original Radar Favourites, carefully remastered from the reels extant. At last we can experience the bands sublime studio recordings, an untethered private session and a forceful concert excerpt recorded at London’s College of Printing, in a specially designed cover by Hawkwind’s graphic artist, the legendary Barney Bubbles. Seldom has an ostensible rock group scoped such prescient musical terrain; free collective improvisations, dynamic tension and release within interweaving layers, and dramatic trans-dimensional song structure. Without reservation, Reel Recordings recommends the music of Radar Favourites as a never less than exhilarating revelation. File under essential!