Ian Dury ‘Do It Yourself’ album – update on the wallpaper series

I see from the awesome site of Rocco at http://www.user.w-i-s.net/rocco/iandury.htm that the Ian Dury ‘Do It Yourself’ album cover wallpaper series was way more than just the 4 or 5 variations I had thought. This cover design was produced in an industrial size quantity of  variations, on the site there are maybe 48 different covers shewn!

I had thought they were taken from the Sanderson’s Wallpaper collection of 50’s design books my Aunt The Ironmonger had given me, but since the designs are Crown, and the designs are 70’s they’re definitely not from the books I gave him. Barney asked me for the books in about 1971,The only thing that causes me hesitation in all this is that Barney told me specifically in May 1983 that he had used my Aunt’s old wallpaper books I had given him. He said, “You probably don’t remember, but you gave me some Wallpaper books I used for an album cover.” But these covers are from at least five(?) years later, so the idea must have gestated in Barney’s noddle awhile – an insight into his modus – he had the idea first and found an album to fit.

The fragment of a 1930’s or 40’s corner border above is from my Auntie Whatsit’s Collection which he may have used when making the presentation mock-up.

Do you wonder what the Crown company had to say about this blatant use of their copyright designs? Aparently they signed onto the job, and it was done with their permission. Each sleeve has the Crown catalogue number for the particular wallpaper design in the bottom left hand corner.

Since I’ve never seen an actual cover, (note: yes I did, in Barney’s portfolio in Islinton, 1983). I wonder if they are reproductions of the wallpaper or actual wallpaper? Must have cost a bundle in repro fees if the former, and surely incompatible material and texture for any litho press if the later.

This is one design amongst the many shewn on the site above, and was sold in Portugal. Maybe our Portugal correspondent Pedro van Deiman could let us know if there were others?

Note to Rocco: using your non-working email address I tried – unsuccessfully – to email you for permission to use your hard earned research. Maybe we could chat?