Barney Bubbles – The Force of Nature

Top: Illustration by Barney Bubbles (one of a series) Bottom: Magazine logo by Barney Bubbles.

Unveiled above are a couple crackin’ lightning designs by Barney Bubbles, the top one is from a series of illustrations, and the other a magazine logo, both dating from around the mid-1970s. ‘Tis true Barney was a real force of nature, so the adept use of lightning bolts is not unsurprising. More words to be added to this lighting post very soon ’bout me and my times with Barney, and ’bout nature and tempestuousness.

Yah. Barney didn’t like working with Let it Rock. And Let-it-Rock didn’t like me… Let it Rock was in next building but one to where I lived (in) on Long Acre, Willsdon Mansions, I did a couple of pictures for ’em and they tried to steal my art, so I left for America and San Francisco. My art was stolen by some writer who had ’em screwed to the wall in the corridor on Long Acre. I walked in the front door and got the George Harrison art unscrewed from the wall when I did some graphics for  ’em.  

But the painting of  Pete Towshend in the pin-ball alley on Charing Cross Road with Meha Baba I couldn’t unscrew. I had to dash when I heard footsteps and scarpa back down to the elevator shaft, which I knew in detail from the days when it was Odhams Press.

(I had recomended the typesetters there for use as a bizarre film set to a lady friend of my roomate Graham Norton, who was scouting situations for a movie company, also included was the Curious garret on Wardour Street, and the entrance my dad’s office at the Air Ministry Office).

Back to the tale, down I went an old brown back corridor, out a back door, climb up the fire scape iron ladder onto the roof,  across the new tar coating on the Welsh slate tiles, to the lead sheet intercourse, up over the brick parapet, my art held under my arm – and I get back into my place at Willsdon Mansions through the window above the potato merchants.

(Hear the song by Pamela Poland, “Remembering all the days we spent in [or is it ‘at’?] Willsdon Manor.”)