Barney Bubbles and Edie Sedgewick in Forgotten Old Tape Mystery Drama

The NY Times had a recent review of a new release of an old film, Mystery X, from 1971 in New York by the recluse , Chamberlain, a TV show movie made at the Warhol Factory, with Edie Sedgewick and the Candy Darling crew.

It reminds me of the sound only tapes that Colin Fulcher/Barney Bubbles and I, as the A1GGz, made in the years ’64 through 67.  The tapes were begun in the idle evenings and perhaps influenced by our Make a Noise event of 1964.

We’d record at odd moments our radio show read from scripts or impromtu conversation with a Grundig reel-to-reel my dad bought. A whole show – complete with wry car ads and fluffy fashion reviews, cut-up stories of mayhem in Barnstable and news of Croydon pyrotecnics.

“Hullo, and welcome to Radio-Active with around-up of A1 Good Guyz in town tonight. And with a roar the mighty town of London sqeaks to a halt.” and so forth. Late Goons, early TW3. I do a pretty good Wiltshire lane-crawler, or BBC announcers voice when needed, and Fulcher, as he still was, was a manic Flintstone or cheerful cockney to order.

It’s possible our recording influenced the making of the Chamberlain flick. Ms. Harrington of New York would have been the courier, she had a copy.

The A1GGz’s station calls influenced the Radio London call signs.

While I’m on the thought, I seem to recall that Barney advised in some way, probably through Jon Goodchild, the Rolling Stones on the choice of the cheap pecussion drums and toy guitar used on Beggars Banquet, that is mentioned in his bio, Life, by Keith Richards, which is the best Rock and Roll book ever.