420: Thunderground strikes Mount Olympus as kids romp in the bushes

Last night at dusk as the happy crowds from the Four-Twenty mobshow in Golden Gate Park dispersed and then into the night, my 18-year old daughter, Alessandra, helped stage a small portable generator-powered free rock-concert with her beau’s band, Lash and Thunderground in a sylvan setting, there to commune with the cosmos.

Sweet thuds in the glade on the summit of the dark forest with its grave-stone lined paths. Known as Mount Olympus in Buena Vista, it is the Haight’s other big park, what a view. Staged as the Cosmic Library with the earth as a node in the map of wisdom, they made artful arenbe sounds the trees had never heard before. Stage-manger General Pailin had set large mushrooms in the bushes, and created a city of doom from filched cardboard. Celebrating Four-Twenty high above the masses with prog change by example the creed. This is the beginning of something nicely subversive and very cool.