High kids. I was musing about ancient Egypt and a mummy head I’d seen when it struck me as obvious that the graphic thinker, Barney B (AKA Colin Fulcher), had a bonce (head) quite similar to that of King Tut and his chaps, so I expect that Barney’s naming of his son Aten, as in Atenatun, Tut’s dad, had a bit more than just exotica in mind. The title of King Barney B seems apt – I think Barney thought he was a reincarnation of the lineage. His grand megalomania combined with a dose of his plain ol’ mania could easily arrive at a conviction of his descent from Moses’ sister with child at the court of the Egyptians. Could explain a lot about Barney’s intuitive arrival at mystically blatant answers to irrational puzzles.